Lunch Schedule

Lunch Reservations 2nd Semester

(Please keep in mind that Lunch Reservations are Required)

This year we will be using reservations for eating with students in the cafeteria. This is a great opportunity for you to bring your student lunch. The links below are new links for the 2nd semester. This information can also be found on our school's website.

If you would like to buy school lunch, please go to the following link to create an account:

  • The reservation must be made by a parent/guardian of the student.

  • The reservation is for 3 seats including the student. (Examples: 2 guardians/parents, & 1 child or 2 grandparents & 1 child)

  • Please make sure the individuals on the reservation bring Picture IDs.

  • Also, please arrive at your reservation time. Reservations will not extend outside of the student's lunchtime.

The following link can be used for reservations:


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Lunch reservations will NOT be available on the following dates:

February 8th-9th : due to SOL Growth Assessments

March 22nd, 27th-29th : due to Quarter 3 CSA Testing

April 3rd-7th : No School Spring Break

May 16th-June 5th : due to SOL Testing & Expedited Retakes

**During these times, lunch schedules can be shifted or altered due to testing and testing security**

2022-2023 Lunch schedule for all grade levels