Parent Information

About Cooper Elementary School

Cooper is the Elementary Magnet School for Technology in the City of Hampton and is an exemplary learning environment that sets high expectations for its teachers, students and parents. Children are challenged to stretch to become the best they can be. The school has a welcoming, calm, caring and well disciplined atmosphere where children’s efforts are valued and recognized. The team of gifted teachers and staff believe that all children, given the right support, can learn. Our mission is to foster the talents and abilities of the children "in the middle"—the often overlooked average-achieving student.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Cooper Elementary Magnet School for Technology is based on the conviction that a solid educational foundation in the primary years is essential to optimum growth, development, and functioning in subsequent years. We accept the responsibility for making these years a springboard to future success.

We recognize that the community served by our school encompasses a diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and family structures. Thus, we believe that each child has unique instructional needs. We strive to develop within each child self-discipline, independence, and a desire to learn. As facilitators of the learning process, we are committed to providing an educational program, which is designed to meet each child’s intellectual, creative, physical, social, and emotional needs. We will strive to instill within each child knowledge of his/her basic human rights and responsibilities so that he/she will be prepared to take his/her place in a democratic society as an independent and responsible citizen.

We believe that parental participation is essential to the success of our program. It is our conviction that we must establish and maintain a meaningful line of communication among staff, students, home and the community.

Visitor Information

All visitors must report to the main office upon entry to the school. All visitors must present a state issued drivers license or ID. Please sign in and put on a visitor’s pass. When you leave the building, please remember to sign out. We ask that parents adhere to this policy, as it helps keep our building safe. If you are planning to visit a classroom, you must notify the administration in advance to make an appointment. The principal or assistant principal can then notify the teacher to schedule a mutually agreed upon time for the visit. Please keep your visit to no more than 15 minutes.

Emergency School Closing

When snow or other inclement weather are forecast, representatives from the school transportation department road test major thoroughfares and side streets across the city beginning at 3 a.m. that morning. Input regarding road conditions is also obtained by the Hampton Police Department. Weather updates are constantly monitored. The Superintendent of Hampton City Schools then makes the decision as to close the schools or not. As soon as the decision is made, selected TV and radio stations are immediately contacted. The decision is also available by calling the Hampton City Schools INFO-Line (727-6789) or the School Administrative Center switchboard (896-8100). Please do not call the school.