To insure the success of all students, it is imperative that the school - home connection is strong and that each individual understands their role in students educational success. Below is a list of expectations for parents, staff and students.

Role of the Parents or Guardians

Parents or guardians are expected to:

* work cooperatively with the school staff.
* attend all scheduled conferences.
* make sure that the school has the correct telephone numbers for home, work and emergencies.
* get the student to school on time every day.
* notify the school when the student is absent.
* send a note to school when student returns after each absence explaining the absence.
* provide time and a quiet space for the student to complete homework.
* keep the student healthy and clean.
* ensure that the student dresses properly, according to the dress code.
* make sure the student has all necessary materials for school.
* tell the school about special needs or problems involving the student or student’s family.
* encourage the student to talk about school work, homework, reports, report cards and experiences in school.
* send only purchased, approved pre-packaged treats to school when treats are solicited. Contact the office for    questions.
* provide the name(s) of persons that the student may be released to when dismissed.

Role of School Staff

School staff is expected to:

* keep the school clean, orderly, and safe.
* help the student learn.
* notify parents when the student is not in school regularly.
* listen to and encourage students’ ideas.
* teach the student how to properly express himself/herself.
* help the student learn to work cooperatively with others.
* keep the parent or guardian informed.
* offer help when needed.
* refer students and parents to other agencies as needed.

Role of Students

Students are expected to:

* be on time every day.
* bring all materials to school.
* never bring weapons, including toy weapons, alcohol or drugs to school.
* respect the rights of others.
* follow all school rules.
* never use bad words or sayings.
* be neat and clean.
* complete all class work and homework.
* do their best to learn.
* talk to parents daily about school activities.
* ask for help when needed.
* tell adults when there are problems.
* take home all notes and messages from staff.