Reading Programs

Join the Read Today Reading Challenge

What are you reading this year?

Become part of the Read Today literacy movement by taking the Reading Challenge, where students (K-6) commit to reading everyday, with their parent's help, and watch the total grow. Enjoy good books and share your favorites with others taking the Challenge.

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Road to Success

Reading is essential to every child’s educational success. That’s why the Ken Garff Automotive Group, the Governor and the First Lady joined together to create the “Ken Garff Road to Success.” The program’s goal is to have every child read (or be read to) EVERY DAY for at least 20 minutes.
Young readers at participating elementary schools will set their own objectives and measure their performance.  By reading EVERY DAY they can enter their name into a drawing.  Those who meet their goals will receive prizes along the way. At the end of the school year, students will be eligible to win one of four bicycles of their very own. Please join us in helping young readers learn the most valuable skill they can acquire early in their educational experience – help them learn to read!